Board of Directors 



Mikkel Primdal Kæregaard


Danish citizen, born 1974
Position: Attorney and partner, Horten Advokatpartnerselskab

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Advokataktieselskabet Horten (and 2 subsidiaries), Dragsholm Slot P/S (and 2 datterselskaber), Restaurationsselskabet af 15. april 2011 K/S, Restaurationskomplementarselskabet af 15. april 2011 ApS, Komplementarselskabet af 11. maj 2011 ApS, Restaurationsselskabet af 26. januar 2012 K/S, Restaurationskomplementarselskabet af 26. januar 2012 ApS, Administrationsselskabet af 15. juni 2012 K/S, Administrationskomplementarselskabet af 15. juni 2012 ApS, Restaurationsselskabet af 20. maj 2016 K/S, Restaurationskomplementarselskabet af 20. maj 2016 ApS, Restaurationsselskabet af 1. november 2016 K/S, Restaurationskomplementarselskabet af 1. november 2016 ApS. Member of the Board of Directors of Geranium ApS and H-Biler A/S.

Special competencies: Mikkel Primdal Kæregaard is an attorney and partner at Horten, specialising in company law and mergers & acquisitions. Mikkel Primdal Kæregaard has through the years advised a long list of companies in connection with entry into strategic partnerships and completion of transactions of different kinds.






Morten Mathiesen

Danish citizen, born 1975 
Position: Professionel investor and Board member


Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nordic Transport Group Holding A/S, Blue Company Holding A/S and Blue City A/S. Member of the Board of Directors of Employment Care ApS, BWC ApS and Nebbegård Invest A/S (and 4 subsidiaries).

Executive Director of MM Invest af 30.10.2006 ApS, Myremalm ApS, MM af 28. april ApS, SKM Capital Holding ApS and AKM Capital Holding ApS.

Special competencies: Morten Mathiesen is a professional investor and Board member. Morten Mathiesen has solid experience from the transport and shipping industry and since 2012 has played a central role in the development of NTG (Nordic Transport Group). Morten Mathiesen was for a number of years employed in A.P. Møller-Mærsk and is trained as an officer of the Danish Royal Life Guards. Further, he has through the years invested in, developed and sold a number of companies within different industries.





Allan Andersen

Danish citizen, born 1945
Position: CEO, AA Consult ApS & CEO, NeuroSearch A/S

Member of the Board of Directors since May 1989, chairman of the Board of Directors from January to November 2013. Allan Andersen is not considered an independent Board member in accordance with the corporate governance recommendations as he has been a member of the Board of Directors for more than 12 years.

CEO of NeuroSearch A/S since 1 December 2013, Executive Director of AA Consult ApS, Executive Director of Allan Consulting EOOD, Executive director of Provadia Cheese OOD and Executive Director of Jeravna Devleopment EOOD.

Special competencies: Allan Andersen holds more that 30 years of broad experience from different company Boards and has extensive financial knowledge as well as shareholder experience from the biotech industry.

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